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What is RHAP?

At El Rio, we know that young people are powerful and capable.

El Rio's Reproductive Health Access Project (RHAP) is a team of young people just like you—dedicated to empowering teens to take control of their sexual and reproductive health.We're here to help young people access the sexual and reproductive health services, education, and support they need. We also work to raise awareness about sexual health issues that affect teens. We want to change the way our generation understands and navigates sexuality and healthcare.RHAP is a program of El Rio Community Health Center in Tucson, AZ. We offer a variety of teen/young adult-only clinics at El Rio locations throughout the city. At these clinics, anyone ages 14-24* can receive FREE & confidential sexual and reproductive health services.

Our services include birth control, STI testing and treatment, PrEP & PEP, pregnancy testing, pregnancy options counseling, sexual health counseling, & more. We provide transportation to & from clinic visits.

Thanks to Arizona law that allows certain rights to minors, you do not need parent permission to receive services through RHAP. We keep your visit private & confidential.But that's not all. We also host & attend various events across Tucson to empower youth & promote our sexual health education. Check us out on Instagram (@elriorhap) for the latest updates!

What can you expect at our clinics?

  • You will check-in at the front desk, then asked to fill out a consent form and general information such as your name and date of birth.

  • Our medical assistant will place you in a room, check your vitals, and ask you the reason for your visit.

  • You can meet with the provider to discuss all your sexual health needs, and then receive services the same day (or at a different appointment, if you prefer)

  • You will NOT be required to have a pelvic exam for STI testing/treatment or when starting a birth control method (except IUDs).

  • We provide urine or self-swab testing for all STI testing. This means that you can collect a sample for your test, not the provider.

  • If you require a pelvic exam or external exam, our providers will walk you step-by-step through the process before even starting the exam.

  • Remember: You have a right to refuse an exam or stop an exam at any point. You are in charge during your clinic visit!

  • If you have any questions about what to expect during a clinic visit, feel free to reach out! You can DM us on Instagram or call 520-AZSHINE (520-297-4463).

Meet the Team!

We’re here for you! If you have any questions, or in need of sexual or reproductive talk with a peer — chat with any of us! Feel free to DM our Instagram or Twitter account @elriorhap.


Do I need parent permission?
Parent or guardian permission isn't needed to receive most of our services. It is completely confidential for ages 14-24. The only two exceptions are referrals to hormone therapy and starting PrEP/PEP. You must be 18+ for those services, or have parental permission.

Do you offer rides to/from in-clinic appointments?
We provide rides via Uber/Lyft to patients who are 18+ OR riding with someone who is 18+. Call our AZShine Line / (520) 297-4463 once you've scheduled your appointment to book rides.

Can I bring a friend/parent/partner with me to my appointment?
Yes, feel free to bring a supportive friend, parent, partner, etc. to your appointment! Having somebody that you feel comfortable around can help ease anxiety during appointments and procedures.

How is RHAP funded?
El Rio RHAP is a grant-funded program under Advocates for Youth in Washington, DC. Other supporters include: Banner University Health Plans, Bank of America, and many individual donors that we are immensely thankful for!

Can I get my prescriptions mailed to me?
Yes! If you already have a prescription with us, you can make the change from pick-up to delivery by calling (520) 297-4463 or AZShine Line. If you need a new prescription, schedule an appointment and be sure to let your provider know!

How can I get involved with RHAP?
As of now, we aren't looking for new volunteers. However, in the future, we'll post applications on our social media as positions become available. The best way to support us and the Tucson youth community is simply by spreading the word, reposting our information on social media, and keeping active with our work! Your support is greatly appreciated! For inquiries, please DM us on Instagram (@elriorhap) or e-mail Joy: [email protected]

Male-Identifying Clinic

We believe that males are also included in the conversation of reproductive health! That's why we've designated a speciality clinic for all young male-identifying people to come get STI tested, birth control/condoms, trans health resources, and more.Our male clinics are run by all male identifying staff, including provider Justin Shears, FNP.You can find us at El Rio Abrams from 1:00 - 4:00 every Tuesday.

Clinic Schedules

Check here for a monthly list of our providers’ same-day and appointment-based availability! You can also call our AZShine Line (520) 297 - 4463 to find the best time that works for you. <3For same-day clinics, simply text our Medical Assistant (520-310-7832) 2 hours before the clinic starts to be put on the schedule.

For the following appointment-only clinics, call our AZShine Line (520-297-4463) to schedule.

For office use:

Make An Appointment

You’ve come to the right place! Our AZShine Line is the easiest way to get an appointment for RHAP services.

(520) 297 - 4463

free, anonymous, & available wherever you are
with hold-times of less than 3 minutes!

Need a ride?

call this number if you need an Uber/Lyft to & from your appointment — free and available for anyone 18+ or accompanied by someone who is 18+.

Our Services

Here’s a list of everything we offer at our clinics.

Birth Control

To understand how birth control works, it might be helpful to know how pregnancy happens in the first place! Watch this clip to learn a bit about pregnancy and reproduction before you start a method.


  • Taken daily

  • Uses estrogen & progestin

  • Various options for each need (ie. acne, bleeding, etc.)


  • Small, T-shaped piece of plastic that is inserted in the uterus

  • hormonal & non-hormonal options

  • Lasts 3-12 years: "get it & forget it"

  • 99% effective, on average


  • Matchstick-sized rod inserted under the skin of the upper arm

  • Contains progesterone

  • Lasts 4 years, "get it and forget it"

  • 99% effective, on average


  • Thin, beige plastic sticker that looks like a square Band-Aid

  • Typically placed on butt, thigh, back, or arm

  • 91% effective, on average


  • A small, bendable ring that the user inserts into their vagina

  • Leave it in place for 3 weeks at a time, then take it out for the 4th week

  • 91% effective, on average


  • An injection shot given in the upper arm, butt, or stomach

  • Lasts for 3 months at a time, must receive every 3 months

  • 91% effective, on average

Emergency Contraception

  • AKA Plan B or "the morning after pill"

  • Works up to 120 hours after unprotected sex, but works better the sooner you take it

  • Stop by any El Rio pharmacy and ask for one!

Sexually Transmitted Infections

STI Testing

  • A urine or swab sample is used for most STIs

  • Blood sample for HIV

STI Treatment

  • Prescribed antibiotics to treat most STIs

  • Management options for other STIs


  • Pre-exposure prophylaxis / post-exposure prophylaxis

  • A pill that is taken everyday to prevent/treat HIV

  • At this time, you must be 18 years old or older to receive PrEP, or have parental permission.


  • Used to prevent pregnancy and STIs

  • Should be used for all kinds of sex: including vaginal, oral, and anal

  • Various sizes

  • Internal/external available

Gender-Affirming Care

Clothing Items

  • Chest binders, bras, prosthetic breasts

  • Various sizes available

  • Please reference our sizing chart

Hormone Therapy

  • Referrals to a doctor who specializes in trans health and hormone therapy

  • Must be 18 or with parental permission

Other Services

Pregnancy Testing

  • Confidential tests in-clinic


  • Evaluation of vaginal discharge/odor

Reproductive Health Counseling

  • Chat with your provider about anything sexual health related

  • You can also schedule appointments just to talk with a healthcare provider and not receive any other services

Reproductive Health Presentation

  • A brief presentation / q&a about general sexual health

  • Presented by our teen leaders

  • a great way to get introduced and familiarized with birth control options, STIs, consent, and more


The quickest way to reach us is through Instagram!
Our Social Media Team is always keeping track of our Instagram DMs, and we will be sure to respond to your message within a day.
We are happy to answer any questions you may have about RHAP and the services we offer, but we cannot schedule appointments through Instagram.
To schedule appointments or ask questions about our clinic, please call our AZShine Line (520-297-4463) during working hours.For other inquiries or opportunities, please e-mail Joy, our Teen Health Programs Manager: [email protected]

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